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Bill a man of his words

We had a chat threw email and asked about Adam and Neil and has come threw!!! Great listens and great tools from trutech tools!!


I’ve listened to several of Bill Spohn’s interviews with guests and am always impressed with the questions he asks. He provides great info. This show is a must listen for anyone interested in building science, especially residential.

Accessible yet highly interesting

As a professional in this field, I find this podcast to somehow very elegantly skirt the line between providing both accessibility and depth. It tends to be pretty single-family oriented, so sometimes I wish it ventured into multi family building more often, but I won’t dock any points for this given that this isn’t necessarily the podcast’s aim. Great resource to keep you relevant!

Grateful for guys like Bill and resources like this!

If you want the “mysteries” unfolded, check this podcast out. I’ll keep tuning in to get the best practices from this legend!

This is good stuff! I'm learning a ton.

This podcast is great for keeping on top of good building science and learning how to improve my projects and how they are constructed.

Great listen

Bill knows everything, and everyone, and this is a great podcast where he can share things he's learned!

Improving your knowledge of HVAC Building Performance

Thanks Bill for producing a great podcast that helps me become a better service provider for myself and the customer. 13 yrs in the trade and always learning. HVACJUNKY

A Bunch of GREAT BS!

Bill Spohn is one of the truly good guys in the HVAC and building performance industry and this podcast brings the BS from BS himself! Building science, measurement, building diagnosis as well as building and mechanical design training are sorely needed in our industry and this is just what the metaphorical doctor ordered. Great job Bill!